Eco-friendly biodegradable clear TPU cosmetic bags with full page printing

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Material:  TPU Weight: 50g
Size: 20L*5.5W*13H cm Closure: Zipper closure
Place of Origin: Guangdong ,CN Port: Shenzhen,HK,Guangzhou
MOQ: 5000 Customized: Accepted
Application: Cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, handbags, packing bags
Advantage: Biodegradable, waterproof,beautiful                                                       


Production Details:

Thermoplastic Urethane is short for TPU.TPU is a mature environmental protection material with excellent properties of high tension, high tension, toughness and aging resistance.It has high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, aging resistance, climate resistance and other characteristics that other plastic materials can not be compared with. At the same time, it has many excellent functions such as high water resistance, moisture permeability, wind resistance, cold resistance, antibacterial, mildew resistance, heat preservation, uvioresistant and energy release.

TPU is increasingly popular because of its superior performance and environmental protection concept. At present, wherever PVC is used, TPU can be a substitute for PVC.

TPU Advantage:

1、Transparent so that u don’t have to consider the color collocation

2、Good elasticity,strong resilience.

3、Soft, light, thin and extremely flexible.

4、Abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, washing resistance

5、Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, incinerated, buried in the soil can be naturally decomposed.

TPU Print:

Generally speaking,we always use screen printing and full printing.Screen printing,not limited by the size and shape of the substrate general printing, can only be carried out on the plane, and screen printing can not only be printed on the plane but also on the special shape of the molding.Full printing,generally is paper and fabric.It is a printing way of print by full of paper.But it also has a characteristic:Not cost ink and waste too much but also it is a huge difficulty.

This product is full print TPU bag with black plastic zipper lock.


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  • The Customize Service at Changlin is committed to producing unique, high quality’s cosmetic bags to guarantee your business better every time.

    Our team work closely with you to create better solutions, utilizing recyclable and renewable materials with best techniques. We can create any size and shape of cosmetic bags, from different kind of sustainable materials, stable printings, innovative designs, according to your specifications.

    With the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows, and the view of sustainable development, now more and more environmental-friendly materials have been used in a wide range here: Organic or natural Cotton and linen are familiar everywhere, RPET Material is on the way, while Recycled EVA or Recycled TPU will be the new trend. New plant fiber materials like pineapple fabric and banana fabric are being developed and utilized. Changlin is committed to offering our customers new and innovative products, developing more environmental protection products, and contributing our own strength for the earth environmental protection.

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