Jiafeng Company:RPET products is going to be a trend of the sustainable development of materials in future.

Now it is urgent to protect environment.More and more industry realise the importance of ecofriendly circulation and join in the RPET and make a contribution to the earth environmental protection.RPET Fabric (Recycled PET Fabric) is also known as coke bottle green cloth, is made from Recycled plastic bottles yarn textile fabrics of a new type of green environmental protection, its low carbon source, created a new concept in the field of regeneration.

With a view to the sustainable development, now more and more environmental-friendly materials have been used in a wide range here: organic or natural cotton and linen are familiar everywhere, RPET material is on the way,while recycled EVA or recycled TPU will be the new trend. New plant fiber materials like pineapple fabric and banana fabric are being developed and utilized.

Jiafeng are commited to persist in the spirit of “honest, credibility, cooperation and mutual benefits”,while not damaging the environment.


(Tyvek color atla)

Jiafeng always insist that the use of environmental products is the beneficial trends for world.This RPET bag not only meet the environmental requirenments and high quality,but suitable for general population,practical and fashion.

Jiafeng also possess other kinds of bags with different eco-friendly materials.Like plant fiber,reclycable cotton,paper straw,Tyvek paper,kraft paper,biodegradable TPU and etc.All the materials can transform a magical and unique bag.


1、Pineapple linen pouch


2、Reclycable cotton bag


3、Paper straw bag


4、Tyvek paper bag


5、Kraft paper bag


6、Reclycle EVA


7、Other RPET bags


Compared to traditional PET polyester cotton,RPET not only highlights the style of PET plants but the advantages of cotton fabrics.

Post time: Sep-08-2020