RPET Fabric (Recycled PET Fabric) is also known as coke bottle green cloth.

RPET Fabric (Recycled PET Fabric) is also known as coke bottle green cloth. It is a new type of green green Fabric developed by recycling treasured PET yarn. Its low carbon origin has created a new concept in the regeneration field.According to the experimental verification, it can save nearly 80% energy compared with the conventional raw polyester fiber.

The production process is divided into six steps: Recycle the Treasured bottle → inspect and separate the Treasured bottles → slice the treasured bottle → extract silk, cool and collect silk → recycle PET yarn → weave fabric

According to the type of yarn: filament fabric, elastic fabric, staple fabric

According to weaving style: RPET Oxford cloth fabric, RPET shells silk fabrics (logo), RPET filament fabric (logo), RPET peach skin velvet fabric, RPET faux suede fabric, RPET chiffon fabrics, RPET color butyl fabrics, RPET LiXin cloth (non-woven), RPET conductive cloth (esd), RPET canvas fabric, RPET terylene fabric, RPET fabric, grid RPET jacquard fabrics, RPET knitting fabric (cloth), RPET mesh cloth (sandwich mesh cloth, beads and mesh cloth, bird ‘s-eye cloth), RPET flannelette (coral fleece, Farley velvet, polar fleece, double-sided velvet, PV velvet, super soft velvet, soft cotton velvet).

Luggage: computer bag, ice bag, satchel, backpack, trolley case, travel case, cosmetic bag, pen bag, camera bag, shopping bag, handbag, gift bag, bundle pocket, baby stroller, storage box, storage box, medicine bag, luggage and other materials;

Home textile: four-piece bed cover, blanket, back, throw pillow, toy, decorative cloth, sofa cover, apron, umbrella, raincoat, sunshade, curtain, wiping cloth, etc.

Clothing: down (cold) clothing, windbreaker, jacket, vest vest, sports clothing, beach pants, baby sleeping bag, swimsuit, scarf, work wear, conductive work wear, fashion, opera gown, pajamas, etc.;

Others: tents, sleeping bags, hats, shoes, car interiors, etc.

One ton of RPET yarn = 67,000 plastic bottles = 4.2 tons of carbon dioxide saved = 0.0364 tons of oil saved = 6.2 tons of water saved.But at present, only a small part is utilized, and the rest is thrown away at will, resulting in a waste of resources and environmental pollution. Therefore, its recycling technology has a broad prospect.

Post time: Sep-10-2020