That is the old bottle of new life, Coca-Cola RPET solar umbrella “settled” Qingdao North Railway Station

In Aug.,2020,at the main pedestrian crossing of Qingdao North Railway Station, several special umbrellas were put up, on which the elements with Qingdao characteristics such as spray, seagull and architecture were printed. The most striking ones were the words “I used to be a plastic bottle” and “We care” printed on the edge of the umbrella, which attracted the attention of pedestrians.


What does an umbrella have to do with plastic bottles? It turns out that these umbrellas are all made of recycled plastic bottles. After recycling, empty plastic bottles are processed through a series of processes and finally woven into a new type of green environment-friendly fabric, namely RPET fabric material, which is a new concept in the field of material recycling. You can use up to 17 old plastic bottles to make a sun umbrella and actually recycle it.

It is understood that these solar umbrellas derived from the concept of Coca Cola’s sustainable development — “No waste in the world”, are designed to tell the full life cycle of PET, so that more people can understand the resource properties of PET plastic and the significance of recycling.


Over the years, CofCO Coca-Cola (Shandong) Co., Ltd. has been committed to helping to create the beauty of the city, civilization and environmental protection, focusing on innovation and public welfare, to jointly build the urban civilization construction of Qingdao.

The textile made of recycled fiber by recycling “Coke bottle” can be recycled into PET fiber with 100% recycled material, which can effectively reduce waste. At present, the consumption of PET plastic beverage bottles in China is very high. The recycling of discarded PET beverage bottles can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also turn waste into treasure.

For PVC containing chlorine (is the main source of dioxin and dioxin is proved carcinogens) and contains the environmental pollution of heavy metals, plasticizer, etc., using the latest technology, Taiwan production does not contain PVC, the heavy metal content and almost cannot be measured, dedicated to replace PVC products, become a new generation of environmental protection material supplier.

Post time: Sep-08-2020