Tyvek Paper Bag Durable washable Zipper Closure Makeup Bag Natural Cosmetic Bag

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The Customize Service at Changlin is committed to producing unique, high quality’s cosmetic bags to guarantee your business better every time.

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Material: Tyvek Weight: 66g

L15*D9 CM

Closure: Zipper
Place of Origin: GUA,CN Port: Shenzhen,GZ,HK
MOQ: 5000 Customized: Accepted
Application: cosmetic,vocation,toiletry,household 
Advantage: Washable,eco-friendly                                                                                                        

Tyvek paper

What is commonly known in the market as "Dupont paper" is a kind of high-density polyethylene material called Tyvek, which in Chinese is called Twiken.

Tyvek was invented in the 1950s and began commercial production in the 1960s.Tyvek is by using flash technology, by polymer after hot melt into continuous filament and hot glue them into a high density polyethylene, this unique technology for Tyvek combines the material properties of paper, film and fabric, waterproof, breathable, qualitative light, durable, tear resistance, durability, high reflectivity, diffuse, uv resistance, texture and tactility is unique, environmental protection can be recycled, and most compatible with all kinds of printing technology and digital printing technology, suitable for a variety of processing technology.

Tyvek is widely used, such as waterproof and breathable material for exterior wall and roof, sterilization packaging material for medical equipment, and chemical protective clothing in industrial personal protection field.In recent years, Tyvek is also commonly seen in various civil design and creative products, such as fashion household products, fashion, art, cultural and creative products, environmental protection and creative packaging, etc.Tyvek is pure white and has two different structures: a hard structural material like paper and a soft structural material like cloth. 

Customized color, soft to construct

dupont tyvek paper (1)

The color of Tyvek can be customized to be whatever pantone you like and can be easily to be printed. As the material is very soft, It can easily be made to any shape bags.

Neat stitching, tiny stitches, no thread breakage

dupont tyvek paper (2)

The smooth Tyvek material do not limit the stitching of the bags.By the way, even the paper is waterproof, the stitching holes is not waterproof.

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  • The Customize Service at Changlin is committed to producing unique, high quality’s cosmetic bags to guarantee your business better every time.

    Our team work closely with you to create better solutions, utilizing recyclable and renewable materials with best techniques. We can create any size and shape of cosmetic bags, from different kind of sustainable materials, stable printings, innovative designs, according to your specifications.

    With the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows, and the view of sustainable development, now more and more environmental-friendly materials have been used in a wide range here: Organic or natural Cotton and linen are familiar everywhere, RPET Material is on the way, while Recycled EVA or Recycled TPU will be the new trend. New plant fiber materials like pineapple fabric and banana fabric are being developed and utilized. Changlin is committed to offering our customers new and innovative products, developing more environmental protection products, and contributing our own strength for the earth environmental protection.

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