Eco-friendly PU cosmetic bags with holographic PVC windows

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Material: PU Weight: 220g
Size: 22L*9.5W*18H cm Closure: Zipper
Place of Origin: Guangdong ,CN Port: Shenzhen,HK,Guangzhou
MOQ: 5000 Customized: Accepted
Application: Cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, handbags, packing bags
Advantage: Biodegradable, large volume, beautiful ,easy to take                                                      

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PU is basically an artificial man made leather alternative. It is actually in its real form 100% fiber because it is a basically a blend of different artificial chemicals. Sustainability wise PU is actually way better than animal leather. The production takes up way less resources and therefore more eco-friendly.

Professionally speaking, PU material is polyurethane, a kind of material synthesized by chemical technology, but the performance of polyurethane itself is very superior. First of all, PU material has surpassed natural leather in application, and even has no loss to natural leather in terms of performance; secondly, PU material has added a lot of fine fiber materials, so that PU leather becomes soft, even if it is made into clothes, it has good air permeability and wear resistance; Finally, the price of Pu cortex is very high, there is no expensive label of natural cortex, but it has the high quality of natural cortex; the color of PU cortex is diverse and can be processed into PU leather products needed by various industries at will.

PU is made of textile or non-woven fabric substrates, coated with polyurethane and treated with special foaming. It is light in weight, waterproof, not easy to expand or deform after absorbing water, environmentally friendly, light in odor and easy to handle.

The texture of PU cortex is soft, and its toughness is very large. Simple tearing and pulling will not lead to damage of PU cortex, and slight deformation of PU cortex will also contract by itself; The waterproof performance of PU leather is particularly good, and it is easy to take care of the rain drops on the PU leather, and only need to wipe off the water stains with a soft towel.

But PU cortex can't be dry cleaned, it can only be washed in 40 ° water temperature; PU cortex can't relieve strong sunlight exposure, which will cause wrinkles and cracks in PU cortex.

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  • The Customize Service at Changlin is committed to producing unique, high quality’s cosmetic bags to guarantee your business better every time.

    Our team work closely with you to create better solutions, utilizing recyclable and renewable materials with best techniques. We can create any size and shape of cosmetic bags, from different kind of sustainable materials, stable printings, innovative designs, according to your specifications.

    With the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows, and the view of sustainable development, now more and more environmental-friendly materials have been used in a wide range here: Organic or natural Cotton and linen are familiar everywhere, RPET Material is on the way, while Recycled EVA or Recycled TPU will be the new trend. New plant fiber materials like pineapple fabric and banana fabric are being developed and utilized. Changlin is committed to offering our customers new and innovative products, developing more environmental protection products, and contributing our own strength for the earth environmental protection.

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